Redefining early lung cancer diagnosis with AI

Optellum is the world’s first AI-based early lung cancer decision support software. It provides artificial intelligence software for clinicians to make the best decisions for early diagnosis and optimal treatment. Optellum was founded so that every lung cancer patient is treated at the earliest possible stage.

The company is formed by world-leading medical imaging software, AI, and clinical experts who met at Oxford’s world-renowned computer vision laboratory. Between them, they have track records of bringing innovation to market through over 10 start-up companies, resulting already in 5 trade-sales and one IPO. 

Lung cancer is the most common and deadliest type of cancer. It claims 1.8 million lives annually worldwide, with a five-year survival rate of just 20%. This highlights a critical need for diagnosis and treatment at the earliest stage possible, and this is where Optellum comes in. 

We partnered with Optellum in its mission of redefining early lung cancer diagnosis with AI. To amplify Optellum’s vision, Tyto secured 92 articles with a readership of over 114 million and an increase in search volume of 22%. Some of our highlights include articles by The Times, BBC, iNews and Verdict.   

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