Forum on Information and Democracy
Addressing tech and AI impact on the information space

The Forum on Information and Democracy, supported by 52 nations, aims to create a space where diverse voices can contribute to the formulation of policies and practices that promote democracy and protect human rights in the context of rapidly changing communication technologies. Core initiatives involve combating disinformation, exploring AI’s impact, and improving global partnerships for quality information and fair digital regulation. 

Moreover, the Forum emphasises the importance of global partnerships to ensure the dissemination of quality information and fair regulation of the digital space. Through collaboration, it strives to pave the way for a future where information integrity serves as a cornerstone of democracy worldwide. 

Tyto positioned the Forum as a leading authority in the ongoing debate on the place of information in the public space and for democracy. Tyto secured over 30 high-impact articles across the Forum’s three key markets in Europe, reaching an extensive audience of over 15 million readers in publications such as L’Express, Tagesspiegel, and Euronews.

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