Conversion Maker 
Launching an AI-based copywriting platform  

Conversion Maker is a startup that has developed an AI-based platform that allows you to quickly create sophisticated and unique product descriptions and marketing text. The tool uses a language model trained from over a million pieces of content and recognises how high the potential uplift of the conversion rate is for an existing copy. This innovative technology helps companies to sell more online and create superior product experiences that improve engagement with customers online.

Successful companies like Hubspot, Decathlon, beurer and Oswald trust the power of Conversion Maker’s AI tech. It optimises conversion rate, saves up to 90% time on copywriting, and allows businesses to improve their SEO visibility. 

As part of our work for Conversion Maker, we have helped establish them as a thought leader for AI enabled tech in a highly competitive field and demonstrated how they’re able to power online sales success for their customers. For this campaign, we secured 47 articles, with a combined readership of over 33 million, and an average SEO authority of 61. Some of our work includes articles in WirtschaftsWoche and WELT, as well as all the biggest German marketing titles and exploring new formats for content including podcast opportunities.

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