Unlocking the true potential of quantum computing 

Classiq is a leading quantum software company, providing an end-to-end platform for designing, executing, and analysing quantum software. Built for organisations that want to accelerate their quantum computing programs, Classiq’s patented software automatically converts high-level functional models into optimised quantum circuits for quantum computers and cloud providers. 

Classiq allows customers to create quantum circuits that would be impossible to develop by any other means. It equips them to take full advantage of the coming quantum computing revolution. The Classiq platform makes it easy to upskill domain experts with little prior quantum experience and integrate them into quantum teams.  

Backed by powerful investors such as HPE, HSBC, Samsung, Intesa Sanpaolo, and NTT, Classiq raised $63 million since its 2020 inception, built a world-class team of scientists and engineers, and distilled decades of quantum expertise into a groundbreaking software development platform. 

We have successfully established and continue to strengthen Classiq’s reputation in France and Germany. Through close collaboration, we are actively crafting and amplifying their messages to effectively resonate with diverse sectors, empowering them to harness the full potential of the quantum computing revolution. To elevate Classiq’s vision, Tyto secured 54 articles with a readership of over 22 million and an average domain authority of 65. Some of our highlights include articles by ZDNet, La Tribune, Maddyness and ComputerWeekly.  


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