Tyto Foundation.

At Tyto, one of our core values is “Perfect Partnership” – this means we make decisions with the best interests of all our stakeholders in mind and play an active role within the communities in which we operate. The PR, media and tech industries are all important stakeholders, and since our launch we have supported non-profit causes on a pro bono and reduced rate basis.

To build on that work, in 2021 we launched the Tyto Foundation, to formalise our commitment to charitable endeavours in this area.

Through the Tyto Foundation, we will commit resources equal to 20% of our annual profit to pro bono projects that seek to promote equality of opportunity, address injustice or support inclusion within the tech, media or communications industries. Our work will focus on any region across Europe or beyond, and will be always be in partnership with non-profit, charity or NGO partners.

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