Growing without borders: The unicorn CEO guide to communication and culture

Are you on the path to being the next unicorn CEO? Do you ask yourself how can you give your start-up an edge when it comes to communication and culture?

We interviewed 15 unicorn CEOs on Tyto’s Without Borders podcast and this is what we learnt.

In late 2019, we began a series of podcast interviews with tech entrepreneurs at a critical stage in their careers. They had each achieved ‘unicorn’ status, having created a privately-held start-up company valued at over US$1 billion.

We wanted to know what they had learned about communications on their journey; the hard lessons and experiences that they will never forget. Why? Because although Silicon Valley and other tech hubs, from Cambridge to Tel Aviv, are ecosystems, there is a gap in those systems. While technology entrepreneurs are nurtured through all kinds of knowledge-sharing and funding within the ecosystem, in our many years of working with the technology industry as communications consultants it has become increasingly clear that it offers precious little in terms of nurturing communications skills. And this, at a time when stakeholder expectations of transparency and a ready-made public persona are higher than ever.

Our aim with the podcasts has been to build a community that shares the communications skills required for this specific group of technology leaders; to plug the knowledge gap. It was a good fit with our guiding principle at Tyto PR, which is to be the perfect partner to our clients and the technology ecosystem.

Now, the first podcast series (the second continues to be recorded and broadcast) has become an eBook. We recognise that not everyone has the time to listen to podcasts, so we have distilled the most valuable, actionable insights and bottled them here in a more convenient form.

The insights and experiences captured in this book can help technology leaders become wiser, even more articulate communicators. Once gained and added to their already extraordinary skillsets, communications skills will only help their businesses, and their careers, thrive.