Leading the workplace productivity debate

ClickUp is the world’s only all-in-one productivity platform that flexes to the way people want to work. It replaces all individual workplace productivity tools with a single, unified platform that includes project management, document collaboration, whiteboards, spreadsheets, and goals. 

Founded in 2017 and based in San Diego, ClickUp is on a mission to make the world more productive. As one of the fastest-growing SaaS companies in the world, ClickUp has helped more than 800,000 teams and millions of users lead a more productive life and save at least one day every week. ClickUp is trusted by the world’s best companies like Google, Airbnb, Uber, and Nike.  

We partnered with ClickUp to showcase its leadership in the workplace productivity market and highlight the value it delivers to businesses, teams and users alike. As part of our ongoing work for the company, since 2021 we have secured over 86 media articles with a combined readership of +3.6 billion and an average domain authority of 55. Some of the highlights of our work include articles in TechCrunch, ComputerWorld, The Drum, CityAM and Sifted.  

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