Building transparency in the influencer marketing industry

HypeAuditor helps agencies, brands, and platforms improve the effectiveness of their influencer marketing campaigns. Founded in 2018, the company has developed an innovative technology that makes the influencer industry fair and transparent.

HypeAuditor’s goal is to help marketers create outstanding and effective influencer marketing campaigns using a data-driven approach. Their AI-powered platform enables brands to discover and analyse Instagram, YouTube and Tiktok influencers, track ad campaign performance and account growth over time, and analyse the influencer marketing campaigns of competitors as well as industry trends.

We partnered with HypeAuditor to help them build transparency in the influencer marketing industry, securing 83 articles with a readership of over 1 billion and an average domain authority of 64. Some of the highlights of our work included articles by Campaign, L’ADN Business, The Sunday Times, Business Insider and City AM.

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