Launching iProov’s ‘SmartCheck’ for Eurostar

iProov is the world leader in biometric face verification. Founded in 2011, iProov enables banks, government agencies and other organisations to verify that an online individual is who they claim to be. This helps prevent identity theft and other cybercrime, while also making online services easier to access. 

The company replaces the need for users to complete in-person identity checks or video interviews and provides a safer, more secure alternative to passwords and other authentication methods. iProov does all of this in a way that maximises online security while making it effortless for the user while protecting user privacy. Organisations using iProov’s unique, patented technology include the US Department of Homeland Security, the UK Home Office, the NHS, Eurostar, the Australian government, the Singapore government, ING, and many more. 

Tyto was instrumental in launching iProov’s SmartCheck for Eurostar, organising an exclusive media event, pitching the news and securing broadcast and national coverage. Tyto generated over 200 live articles across Europe, reaching an audience of over 1,882 billion readers through notable publications such as The Independent, Sky News, The Daily Mirror and The Next Web, significantly boosting awareness of the iProov and Eurostar collaboration. 


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