Building the case for biometric authentication

iProov is an award-winning online biometric authentication business. The company’s mission is to use Genuine Presence Assurance to bring trust to the internet by allowing individuals to prove that they are who they say they are online. Only with Genuine Presence Assurance can you be sure that an individual is the right person, a real person, authenticating right now. iProov works with financial services, healthcare and travel companies as well as with government and public sector organisations.

We partnered with iProov to build this new category of Genuine Presence Assurance for the biometric authentication leader resulting in the NHS paving the way for facial recognition in immunity certificates. We secured 273 articles with a readership of over 981 million and an average domain authority of 60. Some of the highlights of our work included articles in Sky News, WIRED, Financial Times and The Guardian.

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