Launching Tyto Labs: Curiosity will guide us

Anyone working in PR and communications in the technology, science or innovation spaces is an explorer by nature. We are fascinated by the constant flow of innovation our clients roll out into the world and can’t wait for the next groundbreaking technology that will change the way we work or live.

Helping innovation succeed through strong PR and communication programmes is a dream job but we want to go one step further. Today, we are launching Tyto Labs. We will be innovators ourselves, exploring the very edge of our discipline to discover technology, channels, services and methodologies that hold the potential to evolve our industry or turn it upside down altogether.

Tyto Labs is no ivory-tower-management-only initiative. It is designed to tap into the creative potential of each and every staff member. Each Tyto Labs project will be led by the person who is most passionate about the topic at hand, and each will launch with a no-rules, no-guidelines, just-play! phase. Only later will we gather and follow our original creative sprint process that will eventually lead to a ready-to-launch Tyto innovation.

Our very first project is focussing on Virtual Reality. As an agency with a location-agnostic design and a #PRWithoutBorders operation model, the idea of exploring virtual worlds is a highly attractive one. Where will this journey take us? Will we be launching our first office after all – in VR? Will we be holding client meetings in VR, or doing job interviews, hosting media interviews or social events in our Spatial areas?

Who knows? Curiosity will guide us.