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How to achieve 30% efficiency gains in your international agency model: The case for breaking down international agency silos

PRWithoutBordersTM is a visionary international operating model developed by Tyto to achieve unprecedented gains in efficiency and quality. The central strategy behind this model is breaking down agency silos wherever possible. There are three types of silos that are unavoidable to the approach of traditional international agencies which Tyto seeks to break down through its […]

Communicating quantum: The cat is dead, guys

The cat might also be alive for all we know, but it is most certainly not both at the same time. Checking on the state of a cat will make it purr, snarl, ask for food (most likely) – but it will not affect its wellbeing in any way. Let’s be honest: Schrödinger’s analogy* is […]

Launching Tyto Labs: Curiosity will guide us

Anyone working in PR and communications in the technology, science or innovation spaces is an explorer by nature. We are fascinated by the constant flow of innovation our clients roll out into the world and can’t wait for the next groundbreaking technology that will change the way we work or live. Helping innovation succeed through strong PR and communication programmes is a dream job but we want […]