Skydiving at Tyto's 4th anniversary

Celebrating Tyto’s four years in style: Team-building without borders

As we were nearing Tyto’s fourth anniversary this October, the team were eagerly awaiting the Hackweek team-get-together, the first one after the Covid-19 outbreak. However, after careful deliberation it was decided that because many were still not feeling up to travelling internationally, the much-awaited event was postponed. But all was not lost and Tyto soon surprised us with the announcement of its day of adventure and team-building without borders! The goal for the day was to do something of our choice, far from the tedium of our everyday pandemic lives and the rules were simple – no work, no Zoom meetings and no Slack. The day would be our oyster. And, of course, all of our adventures would be expensed back to Tyto.

From jet skiing to skydiving, spas and culinary experiences 

Those who didn’t live too far away from one another reconnected (some even met for the first time!) and explored cities and restaurants together while others embarked on adventures by themselves. There was skydiving in Bulgaria to jet skiing in the Mediterranean, ear-piercing in York, mountain climbing in Germany, forest bathing in the New Forest and so much more.   

I decided I needed some much-deserved pampering and indulged in a luxury spa day to melt away the stresses of the long hot summer spent with the children at home. I booked a whole area complete with a sauna, jacuzzi and Turkish baths for me and my husband, a bottle of champagne and a wonderful massage and facial to follow. Probably not the most adventurous experience I could have thought of, but a very much needed break nonetheless! I wasn’t the only one and many others from the team also spent the day in facemasks and bathrobes and Ghita, who opted for something a little different, participated in a floating session with sensory deprivation. 

Tyto PR Adventure day Brendon and Borja enjoying an authentic Paella in sunny Valencia

Brendon and Borja enjoying an authentic Paella in sunny Valencia

Part of the team based in Spain met in Valencia and had an absolute blast jet-skiing across the waves followed by a typical Valencian paella in the sunshine. I joined them for a spectacular 8-course meal that evening in the city at the RiFF restaurant, the first time meeting some of the team since joining Tyto!  

Lavinia, Lucy H, Shamina, Pauline and Hannah all met up in the gorgeous city of York and despite the rain, enjoyed their day of team-building together exploring, dining out and marking the day by getting their ears pierced!  

Tyto PR enjoying the city of York

Lavinia, Lucy, Hannah, Pauline and Shamina enjoying York

Lucy Marinova was one of the more adventurous ones as she decided on a sky dive for her adventure day, jumping from a plane over Bulgaria! Tea, another one of our daredevils, climbed the Zugspitze mountain, Germany’s highest mountain (2,962m) and reached the very top by cable car.  

Skydiving in Bulgaria

Lucy skydiving in Sofia, Bulgaria

Noëlle spent her adventure day in an art studio, creating some beautiful ceramics followed by a sushi dinner by the well-known German chef Stefan Henssler. Also in Germany, and a beautiful experience, Florian visited his 98-year-old grandmother on the other side of city. They spent some quality time together, discovering Star Wars themed stamps from Uzbekistan and reminiscing by going through old photos.  

Despite not everyone from the team being able to meet up this year, we really did make the most out of our team-building and adventure day, it was a welcome break from our laptops and we are so grateful to Tyto for making it happen.   

We’re always looking to add great talent to our incredible pan-European team of consultants. If you’re interested in Tyto and picking your own flavour of adventure in the communications world, go take a look at our Careers page!