Tyto Summer Soirees: reconnecting and celebrating together

With the world back into the swing of travelling and the balmy summer months upon us, what better way to treat our dedicated and hard-working Tyto team than with a well-deserved break? For a few days in June and July, spanning France, Germany, and the UK, Tyto organised a series of get-togethers—the Tyto Summer Soirees.  

Being a location-agnostic employer, we purposefully chose the remote model to provide talent with opportunities regardless of location and create a pan-European agency that works as one across borders. But we are aware that these intentional meetings play a crucial role in our success as a remote team, and we place great emphasis on thoughtful planning and making the most of our in-person gatherings. Our approach fosters a healthy and flexible culture. 

These Tyto summer gatherings provided the perfect occasion for us all to pause momentarily from our daily work routines, step away from our desks, and disconnect from our screens. A chance for us all again to engage with our colleagues in the flesh, many of whom we hadn’t seen in quite some time or even, for our newest recruits, were meeting for the first time! Moments like these always reaffirm the essence of Tyto’s culture as we all naturally fell back into that familiar laughter and storytelling, reminding us of the significance of our teams’ unique connection.  

A day of creativity, togetherness, and Italian delights in London 

Nestled in the vibrant heart of London, our team members in the UK gathered at The Oxford Circus Spaces—a coworking space that exudes creativity, making it the ideal location for a team workshop. The team’s morning was filled with lively discussions, team-building activities, strategic brainstorming, mixed in inevitably with a lot of laughs and trips down the Tyto memory lane. As the workday ended, the team continued celebrating togetherness at Lina Stores, an enchanting mint green Italian Delicatessen on the Kings Cross Stable Street. There, the team indulged in a delightful spread of sparkling Italian aperitifs, antipasti and mouthwatering pasta. The night concluded on a high, a customary end to a wonderful team outing.     

From skyscrapers to schnitzels in the Frankfurt summer  

Meanwhile, our colleagues located across Germany and Sweden met up in vibrant and Frankfurt were blessed with summery weather during their two-day gathering. The co-working space, situated amidst the city’s skyscrapers, provided a picturesque backdrop for this team’s workshop. After a delicious lunch, the team embarked on a leisurely stroll through the city centre towards Eiserner Steg, where they boarded the Wappen von Frankfurt passenger ship for a cruise along the waters of the river Main. Upon their return to dry land, the festivities and team bonding continued at a typical Frankfurt restaurant, where the team savoured traditional German delicacies like Gründer Soße (green eggs – delicious, look it up!), Äppelwoi (apple wine), and Schnitzel.  

The gathering in Paris was unfortunately cancelled due to the serious social unrest across France in late June. But all is not lost as we have rescheduled this much anticipated gathering to September for our colleagues based in France and Spain. Watch this space for more!  

Overall, the Summer Soirees that went ahead this summer, were an absolute success (and pictures can prove this statement!). They were genuine team experiences that not only offered a refreshing break but also strengthened our spirit. Being back together again, forming new connections and creating more memories are what keep us motivated and give us the ability to approach future projects with renewed enthusiasm. As we continue to grow, we will not lose track of what makes us unique! 

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