Tyto launches New Horizons: A series of online events and podcasts for business leaders adjusting to the present and preparing for the future

The past week has been a whirlwind. With each update on the Coronavirus I could feel my anxiety rising. Would my family and friends be ok? What could I do to protect my employees and our company? What will this mean for the economy? Each news update brought another wave of questions and concerns. Knowing that people’s businesses and livelihoods depend on managing this situation as best we can, I realised I needed to get a grip and focus on what I could do. While our healthcare professionalwork overtime putting themselves in the frontline to help us overcome this crisis, we need to ensure that the wheels stay on the economy. 

I knew I had to focus myself and my team on the things we can control. After all, if we don’t protect the businesses we love, the current situation will become even more challenging for those we work with and care for. I’m exceptionally fortunate to operate in the fields of science, technology and innovation, where the businesses I work with are at the heart of helping us to secure our futures.  

As leaders, and I mean the leaders in all of us not just those with the title, we need to do our best to adjust to the present and prepare for the future. Whilst difficult know, there’s always an opportunity to make a difference today however narrow that opportunity is.   

Our current situation is without precedent butas someone who has weathered the dotcom crash and the GFC, I have seen that even in the darkest moments there are opportunities to make a difference for the future. 

We need to adjust to new horizons. We need to reassess, re-plan, and re-prioritise and as hard as it seems right now, we have to try and embrace this change and find ways to make it better. To help with this Tyto is launching a new series of virtual events and podcasts – New Horizons – these will run as an extension to our WithoutBorders podcast series. Even while we self-isolate and physically separate, there has never been a greater need to come together as business leaders to share knowledge, ideas and experiences.  

If you would like to participate, either as a keynote speaker, panellist or as part of the audience, please drop an email to events@tytopr.com or DM me on LinkedIn. We are going to be exploring a range of themes that impact us business leaders at this time, but are always open to new issues that you may be grappling with.

We are working hard to bring you our first online events and will announce the details very soon. In the meantime, please do share this post if you think our New Horizons series of events and podcasts might be relevant to others in your network.