Our team says it best: these are the reasons why we love working at Tyto

Steve Jobs once said “Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do.”  This quote captivates how at Tyto we feel about the work we do and the amazing group of people we work alongside. In almost five years Tyto has created a pan-European team of over 40 employees and that number continues to grow steadily as we attract newcomers to the company. Tyto has already undergone a 30% growth in personnel in just 12 months. While offering a location-agnostic job was previously a major recruitment advantage for Tyto, two years after the pandemic, many agencies are now offering fully remote or hybrid roles. So, what is enticing people to work for Tyto, and what are the unique characteristics that make our business stand out from the crowd?   One of our most important methods of measuring employee satisfaction is a survey that we send every year to our team allowing them to express themselves and to help us better understand and gauge how everyone is feeling at Tyto. These surveys are crucial to us because they give employees a venue for open feedback and help us gain insight into areas where we can improve. For the first time and for complete transparency, we published in full the results from our 2022 survey to our website. After collecting the feedback these are just some of the key elements mentioned by the team which have been integral in nurturing a positive working culture over the years at Tyto. 

Team spirit 

Something that came up multiple times in the staff survey was how vital it is for everyone to feel connected to the team. For one of the questions regarding the top three things we value most working at Tyto, our team was mentioned repeatedly. Despite our location-agnostic model, over 60% of employees said they feel well connected with their colleagues. By integrating regular online social get togethers throughout the week such as virtual lunches, Friday drinks and our weekly Monday meeting, it has helped enhance the consistent and meaningful connection between us all. Tyto has also recently delved into the wonderful world of DISC. The DISC training has helped further improve connection and interaction between our remote team members by recognising that we all have unique ways of communicating. This has made us appreciate and value each other so much more.  

Flexible working 

The ability to work flexibly was also something that was mentioned and appreciated by many throughout the survey. Having a flexible working schedule means employees decide their own working hours, working environment and location to deliver best results. Tyto’s location-agnostic model allows our employees to work from anywhere of their choosing. In March of this year, we published this blog post which features Tyto team members talking about their positive personal experiences thanks to our flexible working policies. Giving our team the freedom to choose helps enable a better work-life balance for all and shows that it is possible to meet a company’s needs without losing employee productivity. 

Company initiatives 

For every global workforce regardless of whether there are 15 or 15,000 employees, benefits are an essential part of the hiring equation. When all team members feel equally supported and motivated, you have the ideal environment for a team to really thrive and do their best. At Tyto, our company initiatives are a crucial part to the company’s accomplishments. One of our many initiatives include our Tyto Passport scheme which is aimed to encourage mindful growth and strengthen borderless thinking through collaboration and inspiration.   Team members are encouraged to travel and meet up with their colleagues and clients across the world. We recently also reinstated our bi-annual Hackweek where we were finally able to get together again in person after months of virtual only meetings. It was a much needed and incredibly refreshing way to start the year and the perfect time to set successful intentions for our business.  We are only weeks away from our next Hackweek which will be taking place in the beautiful city of Athens!   


We all know that effective communication is one of the most essential tools in achieving productivity and maintaining strong working relationships at all levels and has a major impact on employee engagement. When asked what one of the top three things were that people valued most about working at Tyto, many rated open communication highly. The team appreciate how open and willing management is to listen to new ideas and explore unique approaches. Open communication is embraced at Tyto which helps strengthen employees’ sense of belonging and promotes the feeling of appreciation and value.   This is just a fragment of a long list of qualities that our team values working at Tyto and are what keep us balanced, happy and connected to the team even during the more challenging recent years. Our survey results from this year have really shown as we continue to grow, that our team feels listened to, valued and supported which generates a positive environment for all.