Nurturing talent: How our Tyto Academy is creating a positive, growth-focused environment for our employees

Adapting to rapid change is a vital skill nowhere more than in the technology industry. To stay ahead of the game, businesses need to ensure their workforce is equipped with the latest knowledge and skills to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of trends and technologies. To help support this growing need, Tyto launched the Tyto Academy – creating a new internal branch of the business dedicated to the growth and development of our employees. 

The Tyto Academy was created so that we could formalise our commitment to training for all levels and build a highly skilled, experienced team who can learn from one another. The sole purpose of the Academy is to inspire growth by investing in skills and professionally developing our team of ‘black-belt’ communicators. 

According to the 2022-2023 Global Wellbeing Survey by Aon, both leadership and employee training were rated as one of the most important organisational initiatives for an emotionally fit workplace. It is glaringly obvious that investing in your employees can help with improved performance and retain and enhance talent. Providing a positive environment that supports those building their careers is crucial, as learning to navigate the fast-paced world of public relations can be a thrilling yet challenging adventure. We introduced the Tyto Academy to lay down the foundations for our mindful growth strategy and enable perfect partnership for our team, clients and community.  

Tyto Accelerator 

We launched our first junior talent onboarding programme the Tyto Accelerator, an integral part of the Academy, in the Autumn of last year. The aim of the Accelerator is to provide those with very little or no previous PR experience the opportunity to work in the industry and fast-track their careers as global technology communicators. It begins with 5-days of in-person onboarding and training with a variety of industry and internal experts followed by a 12-module remote training programme. Tyto’s two successful applicants to the first edition of the Tyto Accelerator programme, Jan and Kaziwa, tell us more about their personal experiences with the programme.   

Skills based internal training 

The Tyto Academy includes regular internal skills-based learning sessions aimed at different levels within the company to focus on a skills ‘power up’, the aim being to help everyone across the agency achieve their potential and help power Tyto’s growth and resilience. By implementing an internal training programme, we can determine which abilities are needed for each role in the organisation and how to equip them with the skills needed to succeed. A few examples of recent internal training delivered by our very own Tyto team gurus include sessions covering sales leadership training and client service training, agency commercials and essential media skills. Giving precedence to the upskilling of employees through proper structure and guidance ensures a healthier work environment that prioritises the wellbeing of our employees. 

Strategic external training 

We also recognise the importance of seeking external inspiration, training and coaching to supplement our programs and expertise. The Tyto Academy offers regular, comprehensive external training and coaching sessions throughout the year on a variety of critical topics. From unconscious bias, resilience and cultural agility to leadership, we make sure our team has access to the latest industry knowledge and guidance. Tyto has also invested in a long-term leadership training for our rising leaders, designed to instil a sense of personal purpose, supercharging individual strengths and vision. 

Personal training budget 

In addition to our internal training sessions, all employees at Tyto can apply to attend external training, events or join professional networks with a demonstrable benefit for their role or the company. This year, individuals from our team have successfully completed personal impact training on productive conflict, brand storytelling and digital marketing. Each of us has unique talents and by giving our team the freedom to identify a training course or event that will help bring them to a higher level of expertise, we can create a more skilled, confident and diverse workforce that is better equipped to meet the ever-changing demands of our organisation and the industry. 

Inspirational speakers 

Tyto runs an occasional speaker series as part of our ‘Without Borders’ podcast, where we invite industry experts to speak to our team to help us see our industries (media, communications and technology) from different perspectives. The aim of this series is to challenge our preconceptions around our industry, help us learn new knowledge and skills that we can share with our clients and provide access to interesting and inspiring industry experts.  

In this series, we have featured an incredible line-up of guests who are truly inspirational such as Molly Watts, who specialises in accessibility in tech, and Rebecca Vincent, human rights activist and International Campaigns Director for our pro bono client Reporters Without Borders. Listening to their journeys and learning from their wisdom is a source of inspiration for us, but also for anyone seeking to make a positive impact in the world. 

The Tyto Academy was designed to offer our team a comprehensive access to structured learning opportunities to upskill and reskill so they can take on the world (or at least our industry!) with all the confidence and know-how they need. We believe that investing in our employees’ growth is vital in creating an environment that encourages longevity and success within the company.