Oscar Osborne

My location-agnostic PR agency life | Oscar Osborne

Hello! I am Oscar Osborne, Consultant at Tyto, and this is my location-agnostic life. In this series, we want to highlight the freedom our model enables employees and how we navigate any challenges it presents.

What’s your morning routine?

I usually wake up just before 7 and the first thing I do most days is stretch – it helps wake me up gently but also means I don’t sit down at my desk feeling stiff at the start of the day.

I don’t drink coffee or tea, so my morning drink is usually a pint of water. Once I’ve had that I’m ready to start planning my day.

How do you organise your day?

It’s the first thing I do every morning without fail. I generally have a rolling to do list sorted by priority for each week, which I then use to build out my plan for each day. I first check this list, and then my calendar to make sure I’m aware of any upcoming calls, deadlines and team member holidays.

Once I’m confident I know what I need to achieve on that day, I set myself deadlines throughout the day for each task which I often need to adjust when a new task comes my way. Having this full list of tasks and deadlines makes it easier for me to plan my day to be as efficient as possible.

When are you the most productive?

I’m always the most productive in the morning. With our flexible working hours, I prefer to start working around 7:30am to make the most of this, so that by the time I start to become less productive late in the afternoon, I’ve accomplished quite a lot already.

What is your favourite workplace?

I love working at my desk in my room. My room is a very comfortable space with a large desk and plenty of natural light and a balcony so I can go outside anytime I want fresh air. While I work, I’m pretty much always listening to music so being in my room means I’m not distracting anyone else who’s at home.

What’s your favourite thing about working remotely?

Where to start? The freedom to work flexible hours that work for me, not having to commute on London public transport during rush hour, having the time to spend my lunch break going for a run or going to the gym, cooking a proper meal, or just relaxing at home.

Working from home means I have so much more free time each day outside of my working hours as I can start my day early without having to commute.

What do you miss about working in an office?

I’ve never really worked in an office outside of a few weeks of work experience while I was a student. I started at Tyto not long after I graduated so there’s nothing I miss about working in an office!

What’s your secret weapon?

Having the time to spend my lunch break doing something active – it helps not just with my physical wellbeing but also my mental wellbeing too. Being able to be active during the working day often reinvigorates me for the second half of the day, and also acts as a great way to relieve any stress or anxiety that may have built up during the day. Working remotely helps me maintain this habit.

What is the culture like at Tyto?

I think ‘open’ is the one word I would use to describe Tyto’s culture. The transparency between different teams and colleagues is always very reassuring and it helps build a feeling of trust within the whole team as you never feel shut off from anything important.

But it’s not just how we communicate work and priorities that makes Tyto’s culture so open. I have always felt totally confident approaching team members of any seniority for advice, support or even just to chat. Everyone in the team is equally respected and listened to and having been a junior team member for my whole time at Tyto, I’ve always felt like my team members always value what I have to say regardless of my role.

What do you like most about working at Tyto?

The team without a doubt. There’s not a single other person at Tyto who I don’t love working with. I feel so lucky to be surrounded by such interesting, intelligent, and just lovely team members from all over Europe who have not stopped teaching me new things in the three years I have been at Tyto.