My location-agnostic PR agency life | Luke Graham

Hello! I am Luke Graham, Features Editor at Tyto, and this is my location-agnostic life. In this ‘My location-agnostic PR agency life’ series, we want to highlight the freedom our model enables and how we navigate any challenges it presents.

What’s your morning routine?

On most days, I get up around 6:30am to wake up my daughter Emma to get her ready for the day. Usually, I will make tea and coffee for the family — I like my coffee black, no sugar — then feed Emma her breakfast and look after her until 8am. That’s when I’ll eat breakfast, shower, and get ready for the day.

I like to listen to the news each morning and often read the Politico London Playbook: a daily newsletter about the big political events (and scandals) happening in Westminster and around the UK.

If there’s time before work, I like to take the dog out for a walk or go for a run through the nearby countryside. This really helps me to clear my head and prepare for the day.

How do you organise your day?

I have a weekly planner which I manage and add tasks to each day. That guides me on what work I need to do, but I also keep an eye on Slack to see what content I might be able to help with and to receive messages from colleagues asking me to work on an assignment. I also like to write down to-do lists for the day, and I have a notebook where I can keep track of any big events or tasks each month.

When are you the most productive?

Try as I might, I’m not a morning person. I’m much more productive in the afternoons, usually after a few more cups of coffee and some lunch. If I’m struggling to focus, I like to take a short walk to clear my head and mull over the work at hand. More often than not, I will come back to my desk with renewed focus and a solution in mind to whatever problem I was grappling with.

What is your favourite workplace?

I’m very happy with my current office set up. It’s in a converted garage, so it’s a little cold, but I have a wide desk with a few plants, picture frames and decorations put up. Also, I’m sat in front of several large windows, so I enjoy plenty of sunlight and can stare at the trees and greenery opposite our house.

What’s your favourite thing about working remotely?

It’s lovely not having to commute an hour or more each way to the office every day. Working from home means that when I take breaks I can chat with my wife and give my daughter a hug, which is wonderful. If I was commuting, I’d get home from work after Emma’s bedtime, so would hardly see her all day.

To be truthful, a small part of me does miss commuting. I always enjoyed having some dedicated time each day just to listen to a podcast, read, or watch an episode of a TV show on my tablet. Of course, on many days I couldn’t enjoy any of these activities, because the Tube was packed with commuters like sardines in a tin. I really don’t miss that!

What do you miss about working in an office?

Not much. I do miss the impromptu chats and overhearing people’s jokes and conversations, thought at Tyto my colleagues are very good at reaching out through the day and making time to chat.

I also miss the office snack table, where people would bring in treats to help everyone get through the day — although my waistline is probably better off without it!

One thing I do really miss is walking through London each day. My old office was based in the City, so most days I would walk over London Bridge and enjoy the brilliant views up and down the Thames.

What’s your secret weapon?

Honestly, it’s the little electric heater next to my chair. If it ever gets too cold, I can switch that on and feel toasty within minutes, which helps me feel comfortable and more able to concentrate.

There’s also my cat, Peanut. She’s basically my officemate. She often wanders over to my desk looking to be stroked or demanding food, so I appreciate her companionship while working.