Former Hotwire Founder and CEO Brendon Craigie Launches European Agency Tyto

Focused on the colliding worlds of technology, science and innovation, driven to solve business challenges through the power of communications

London, Paris, Frankfurt, Madrid; 4 October, 2017, 8:00 BST; – Tyto, a new European PR agency focused on the colliding worlds of technology, science and innovation, launches today. The agency is focused on addressing business challenges through the power of communications, and is founded on a new agency operating model called PR Without Borders™. Tyto’s PR Without Borders™ model delivers clients greater creativity, efficiency and results across international borders.

Tyto launches with a team of nine, spanning the UK, France, Germany and Spain. Tyto is co-founded by former Hotwire global CEO and founder Brendon Craigie, and a former director of the science education charity Sense About Science Ellen Raphael. The broader team is made up of six former Hotwire employees and a former associate director from freuds. Tyto is privately owned and funded, and all employees will have a stake in the business.

Tyto’s new agency operating model PR Without Borders™ includes a multi-disciplinary and multi-national team that works as one unit across borders; a focus on solving business challenges; a pricing model that is based on results not time; dedicated content and insights units; a creative sprint process based on the latest Silicon Valley thinking; advanced technology platforms; and proprietary research and insights on the most influential media.

Brendon Craigie, co-founder and managing partner said: “The traditional international agency model is inefficient, creatively stagnant, and the antithesis of what its meant to be. There’s a new breed of global enterprise, smaller and more agile, that requires a new type of partner to help them address business challenges. Our new model, which is based on insight from over a hundred conversations with CEOs, CMOs and heads of communications, strips away everything that doesn’t make a difference, and doubles down on the things that drive higher quality, more creative results.”

Craigie continued: “Advances in technology now make it possible to build a truly international team that works as one rather than in silos. This is a paradigm shift for the creative process, which often relies on narrow thinking from an international agency’s hub, which is then farmed out for localisation. It also means we can execute faster and more efficiently because we don’t have a bloated agency hierarchy and infrastructure.”

Ellen Raphael, co-founder and head of insights added: “We believe in a full fat version of PR, which involves working across anything and everything required to build and manage reputation.”

Raphael continued: “The two worlds of science and technology are becoming increasingly difficult to separate as the two disciplines combine to address some of the world’s biggest challenges. This is an exciting development, but it also presents a challenge because of the differing styles of communications that the technology industry and scientific community is used to. We are ideally placed to work with players that cross this spectrum because of our dual heritage in technology and scientific communications.”