What is location agnostic working?

Location agnostic working is an approach to working that means employees can choose where their day to day office is. For some people, the idea of working from home is highly desirable. For others who potentially prefer a livelier work environment or who don’t have suitable home office space, this might not be the best option. The alternative for these employees is for them to work from a convenient co-working space.

At Tyto, we have a relationship with a global co-working space provider that means our employees can work from any one of this providers’ co-working spaces in 250 cities around the world, or 17 office locations in London alone. Location agnostic working is possible today because of widespread access to broadband and collaboration tools. Location agnostic working does not mean being disconnected from your colleagues.

In fact, at Tyto, what we’ve found is that when everyone is remote, no one feels remote. We also see each other in person at least a couple times a week, but when we travel we travel with a purpose, such as to meet a client, not just to turn up to a fixed office every day.

The benefits of remote working are that employees have much more flexibility to choose where they live because they don’t need to be in daily commute distance. Tyto has employees working from ten different cities in the UK, all of which are under two hours from London. The greater freedom to choose where you live makes essential life decisions such as buying a house or finding the best school for your children much easier and cheaper to realise.