Tyto Tech 500 Power List Reveals UK Tech’s Most Influential

First objective data-driven study into influence in the UK technology sector. Study analyses influence across 20 sector categories and 9 influencer groups.

London, 28 November 2017, 8:00 GMT – Tyto, a PR agency focused on the colliding worlds of technology, science and innovation, today launched the Tyto Tech 500 Power List, the UK’s first objective study into influence in the UK technology sector. The study is the first of its kind to combine social, online and offline influence to build a robust data-driven ranking that isn’t reliant on single metrics or subjective opinion.

The Tyto Tech 500 Power List Top Ten is:

  1. Stephen Kelly, CEO – Sage Group
  2. Mike Butcher MBE, Editor-at-large – TechCrunch
  3. Steven Bartlett, CEO – Social Chain
  4. Jeremy Waite, Global Leader CMO – IBM
  5. Russ Shaw, Founder – The London Advocates
  6. Anne Boden, CEO – Starling Bank
  7. Dr Sue Black OBE – Founder of #TechMums, Technology Evangelist and UK Government Advisor
  8. Rajesh Agrawal, Deputy Mayor of London for Business
  9. Alex Hudson, Deputy Editor – Metro
  10. Goncalo de Vasconcelos, Co-Founder and CEO – SyndicateRoom

Key Findings:

  • The study revealed that FinTech (74/500) and MadTech (42/500) are the sectors with the most influencers. The next sectors with a strong number of influencers are AI (32/500) and CleanTech (28/500)
  • Under a quarter (24%) of the 500 tech Influencers are female
  • The majority of tech influencers are business leaders (60%). They lead the overall tech conversation
  • 25% of tech influencers are journalists but only 13 influencers come from politics including MPs, deputy mayor of London for business, and government bodies
  • Where a technology sector is less mature, journalists lead the conversation

Brendon Craigie, Tyto co-founder and managing partner said:

“There’s lots of subjective opinion and rankings of influence, but what’s been missing is an objective look at the landscape to understand who is influencing the technology landscape and which sub sectors are dominating. The individuals who’ve made this year’s Tyto Tech 500 Power List combine passion, purpose, and career position, into far reaching public personas that are truly shaping the technology agenda.”

Ellen Raphael, Tyto co-founder and head of insights added:

“We wanted to take a different look at influence within the tech sector in the UK. Combining social, online and offline metrics allows us to see who are the true all-round influencers, rather than those just dominating in one area such as social.”

Speaking about the Tyto 500 Tech Power List on the launch podcast (listen here: www.tytopr.com/c-suite-podcast) three of Tyto’s top 10 had this to say:

Dr Sue Black, founder of #TechMums, Technology Evangelist and UK Government Advisor, said: “It’s great to know you are in the top 10. I’ve been in lots of top women in tech lists and social rankings but it’s the first time I’ve come so high in a general tech list of men and women.”

Anne Boden, CEO, Starling Bank, said: “When I was in a traditional role in a big bank sometimes I was very reluctant, and my PR department was very reluctant, for me to come out with very outspoken opinions. Being an entrepreneur, being the CEO of a new bank, I now have a great freedom to say what I really believe about what’s happening in technology, finance and entrepreneurship.”

Jeremy Waite, Global Leader of CMO Programs, IBM, said: “Any true influencer never sets out to be an influencer, you set out wanting to change things. It’s the responsibility of all of us to influence whatever audience you’ve got, however big or small that audience is. That shouldn’t be to get people to buy more stuff. What we need to do is build more meaningful relationships.”

The top 50 names from the Tyto Tech 500 Power List are published today at: www.tytopr.com/powerlist with the top 100 names and analysis available for download in the report.


The Tyto Tech 500 Power List analyses the influence of the individual, their brand, social media presence and of course traditional earned media, including measures such as reach, domain authority and frequency.

20 sector categories of the technology industry were analysed: AgriTech, AI (Artificial Intelligence), BioTech, Clean & GreenTech, ConsumerTech, EdTech, EnterpriseTech, FinTech, FoodTech, Gaming, GeneralTech, HealthTech, InsurTech, IOT, MadTech, MobileTech, PropTech, RetailTech, SecureTech and TravelTech.

The Tyto Tech 500 Power List looks at influence across nine influencer groups: Academics/NGOs, Bloggers, Business Leaders, Celebrities, Entrepreneurs, Government, Journalists, Trade or Business Associations and Venture Capitalists.

The study was developed with the research company delineate. For more information on the methodology please see the report: www.tytopr.com/powerlist-register.