The German FinTech media landscape 2020

The German FinTech media landscape 2020

AdTech, GreenTech, SecurTech, TravTech – the list of different tech categories has grown over the years. One term that has already become a familiar term is ‘Fintech’, the abbreviation for financial technology. In Germany alone, there are now over 900 FinTech businesses and as a result, a comprehensive media landscape has been developed.

While the same publications have been dominating topics such as manufacturing or marketing for years or even decades, the outlets in this area are constantly changing. For instance, the launch by FinanceFWD last year turned the market upside down. Another good example is the newsletter of, which was launched in 2017 and has become one of the most influential within the industry during a very short period of time.

In this article, I will go through the most important German publications in FinTech in order to provide PR managers with an up-to-date overview.

Finance FWD

The latest publication for the new financial world is FinanceFWD, a cooperation between the business magazine Capital and the media and event platform OMR. Along with a newsletter and an online magazine, it produces a weekly podcast with exciting guests. The team focuses on one or two in-depth articles per day. The editors are always interested in landing a scoop and thus are keen to receive exclusive news in advance.

From Tuesday to Friday at 5 am, distributes a newsletter with the latest developments in the financial industry. It is known for being critical about the market. With its extensive research and analyses, the editors regularly uncover inconsistencies or provide exciting new insights. The publication concentrates on the German market and focuses on banking and FinTech.


Finletter is a weekly newsletter that informs readers every Friday about the FinTech news of the week. The newsletter is not just a list of links, it provides a helpful overview of current developments in the industry.


The business and financial newspaper Handelsblatt is an indispensable part of this overview. The banking team in Frankfurt regularly reports about FinTech – not only during the Wirecard scandal.


IT-Finanzmagazin was founded in 2014 and is a particularly valuable resource for technically demanding topics. The magazine targets IT departments of the financial industry with articles about technologies and digital transformation. The editorial team also regularly covers up-to-date and relevant surveys.

Payment & Banking

The online magazine had been around even before FinTech was a familiar term. It gives new FinTechs the opportunity to introduce themselves. In addition, Payment & Banking regularly produces extensive and useful infographics.

It also publishes a podcast with various formats: In the monthly review André and Jochen discuss the events of the past month in a casual atmosphere and in “Ask me anything”, experts are answering questions about a diverse range of topics. In addition, they regularly talk to different experts from the industry about current topics. In March, it started sending out a daily newsletter. Payment & Banking is also the only German magazine which regularly translates its articles for an English language website.


t3n is one of the hottest tech magazines in Germany with a focus on a younger target group. Besides tech, startups, design and development, it also regularly cover FinTech. Articles can be about a new start-up in the field, a large financing round, a portrait of a personality or an exciting new technology.

As you can see, there are many media outlets covering fintech within Germany, but each has its own subtle difference or USP. Personally, you’ll find me reading FinanceFWD and Payment & Banking on a regular basis, but all those that are mentioned have an important role to play. I hope you now have a balanced view of the German fintech media landscape, which is something we have at Tyto to service our pan-European clients.