Erik van de Nadort

Senior Consultant

Erik van de Nadort is a Senior Consultant at Tyto, based near Rotterdam, the Netherlands. With around 20 years of PR experience in tech, consumer electronics, education and lifestyle, he has been around the block and is a trustworthy go-to person for communication strategy and tactics.

Erik has worked for both B2B and B2C multinational companies and start-ups such as Sony, Western Digital, SanDisk, F5 Networks, CyberArk, Eset, Oracle, Snap,, and many others. Erik’s long track record helps him to hold valuable relationships with both editors and communication experts in various industries. His work for many cybersecurity companies makes him a go-to contact for journalists when they need more information on a certain security topic.

Besides his PR work, Erik is the co-host of a podcast on leisure activities and he co-founded a video review platform on which diverse consumer products are tested, compared and unboxed. Additionally, he initiated a local version of the famous TED events for his hometown, coordinated the program for three of these TEDx events and has hosted the evening shows.

People love working with Erik because of his creative approach, his pragmatic way of handling issues and his general easy-going style. No stress here, just results.

LinkedIn: Erik van de Nadort
Twitter: @vandenadort