Erik van de Nadort

Senior Partner

Erik van de Nadort is Senior Partner at Tyto and a market leader in the Netherlands.

After his studies in business science and international marketing he started his career in PR right away at an agency. The international basis has been a central theme within his career, working closely together with subject matter experts throughout Europe and the US. The list of supported companies is huge, ranging from start-ups to large multinationals, both B2C and B2B. Among others, he supported the introduction of several key products of Sony; he was asked to lead the PR at Oracle Netherlands internally as interim PR manager; and created a buzz in national media around in their early days.

He has a specific interest in innovative tech and sustainability initiatives and due to his work for many security companies he is considered to be one of the go-to PR-professionals in this area. Having a solid reputation himself of being helpful, pleasant and effective to work with has lead to long-lasting relationships with both journalists and communication/marketing experts. A nice mix of pragmatic advice, strategic thinking and hands-on support makes many comms-directors turn to him for help. Every now and then he is also asked for his take on developments in communications, and has featured in trade publications.

Prior to joining Tyto, Erik co-founded and headed the Dutch tech PR-agency It’s a Rep, now part of Tyto. The company was renowned for its effective approach to PR, good media relations and pleasant partnership, and being one of the leading boutique agencies in the country.

Besides his PR-career he has been active on several lifestyle blogs and YouTube channels, and was responsible for the organization of multiple TEDx events, and hosting these. He loves diving into new ways of communicating and experimenting with different types of media, hence he started his own podcast on leisure activities already running for several seasons now.

Keywords that can describe Erik are pragmatic, efficient, relaxed and flexible. 

LinkedIn: Erik van de Nadort