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Geopolitical conflict & instability becomes key issue going into 2024

Welcome to our latest quarterly analysis of Tyto’s Relevance Index™, tracking the most important issues and themes discussed among Europe’s most influential tech experts in Q4 last year. As 2023 drew to a close, the tech and socio-economic landscapes across Europe witnessed significant shifts, most notably as Geopolitical conflict & instability became such a key […]

The changing landscape of key topics across France, Germany and the UK

To mark the first year of the Tyto Relevance Index™, we recently looked at the technology and socio-economic trends that emerged across Europe. This time, we delve into country comparisons using the first full year’s worth of data. Understanding the differences, intricacies and nuances between each European region is what makes pan-European campaigns succeed or […]

Beyond AI: The key topics captivating Europe’s most influential tech community

It’s been a year since we launched the Tyto Relevance Index™ – a proprietary data-driven insights service that helps us identify the most important issues and themes being discussed among Europe’s most influential tech experts. We’ve shared these findings monthly and summarised insights every quarter on this blog and in our LinkedIn newsletter. And now […]

AI dominates online European tech influencer conversations – but have we passed the peak?

The debate and hype around Generative AI and Large Language Models has dominated the Tyto Relevance Index™ since ChatGPT launched in late November 2022. The Index analyses public social media posts of our Tyto Tech 500 power list of influencers – consisting of almost two thousand individuals objectively ranked as the most influential people working in […]

AI and climate change were the most relevant topics of Q4 2022 for the European tech community

It’s been three months since we launched our Tyto Relevance Index, a new insights service using social media data to track major technology and socio-economic topics, as discussed by Europe’s technology community. This means we have a full quarter’s worth of data to unpick and to begin looking for any patterns that may be emerging.  […]

Data-driven PR is an exciting new world

We’ve just launched our Tyto Relevance Index, a new data-powered insights service enabling us to understand the most hotly debated global themes and trends impacting the European tech community.   It couldn’t exist without the Tyto Tech 500 Power Lists – a separate project that has now entered its sixth year. It’s our proprietary ranking of […]