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AI and Geopolitics continue to dominate European tech influencers online discourse

With the first quarter of 2024 now in the rear-view mirror, it’s time for the latest quarterly analysis of Tyto’s Relevance Index™ which tracks the most important topics and issues discussed by Europe’s most influential tech experts. How has the online conversation shifted and evolved over the last three months across the UK, Germany and France? […]

The beauty of hindsight: The CEO guide to what advice successful leaders would give to their younger selves

Building a successful business requires blood, sweat, and tears. Building a unicorn company worth over $1 billion requires an even greater level of effort and heartache. But the years of hard work mean that the CEOs and founders of these companies possess a wealth of experience. If they could turn back time, what pearls of […]

Making remote work, work. The CEO guide to tackling internal comms while working remotely

The rising popularity of remote work has proven invaluable for start-ups who otherwise may struggle to compete with far bigger organisations in the search for talent. Employees love the flexibility it offers, while businesses can run operations far more leanly and hire the skills needed from anywhere in the world.   But handling comms in a […]

Learning from the best – Winning comms advice from tech’s brightest leaders

Unlock the secrets of successful tech leadership with the “Tech CEO Communications Playbook” series. Imagine sitting down for coffee with more than 30 of the brightest minds in the tech start-up world. One by one, hearing their triumphs, blunders, and the hard-earned wisdom that propelled them to the top.    If you can’t do that, […]

Champions of Content – Q&A with Jonathan Symcox, Editor at BusinessCloud & TechBlast

Welcome to the latest entry in our series: Champions of Content  Content is integral to the way brands are understood and seen by their audiences, but developing content for different audiences, on different channels and even in different languages can be very complicated to get right. In Champions of Content, we’ll be speaking to passionate content […]

Navigating change in the European landscape – tech sector trends revealed 

In the rapidly advancing world of technology, the 2023 Tyto Tech 500 report unveils intriguing insights into the influencers and sectors shaping the European tech landscape. Compiling the top influencers from five European countries – the UK, Germany, France, the Netherlands and Sweden –  the report reflects an interesting dynamic of influence across tech sectors. […]

Are the most influential women in tech narrowing the gender gap?

The technology industry is rapidly growing, and its influence is increasingly transforming the way we live and work. Despite its potential, the technology sphere has long been marked by gender disparity, but an encouraging shift is underway as the European tech influencer community strives to close the gender gap.  Women’s representation among tech influencer elite […]

Shaping the narrative: Journalists dominate the European tech influence landscape

“Independent journalism is the exact tonic the world needs most at a moment in which polarization and misinformation are shaking the foundations of liberal democracies and undermining society’s ability to meet the existential challenges of the era, from inequality to political dysfunction to the accelerating toll of climate change.” A.G. Sulzberger, publisher of The New […]

The private sector drives influence in European tech

The pulse of progress beats strongest in the private sector, and this holds true across the European tech influencer community. Our recent 2023 Tyto Tech 500 research, which compiles the top influencers from five European countries – the UK, Germany, France, the Netherlands and Sweden, reveals an interesting dynamic in the realm of tech influence. […]