Silke Rossmann

Hello from Frankfurt. Silke Rossmann, Tyto’s new partner and head of practice, on why she joined the team.

Today I start a new chapter in my professional career at Tyto and its one that I’m incredibly excited about. Today, I’m joining an award-winning pan-European team that is making waves because it has thrown out the template and created a new type of agency which mirrors what I believe today’s modern international clients require.

What specifically was it about Tyto’s new model that attracted me?

First, I was attracted to Tyto’s PR Without Borders operating model. PR Without Borders means throwing out traditional agency silos that impede our ability to deliver great work to clients and operate in a way that modern global businesses require.

PR Without Borders also means breaking through geographic silos. Tyto’s pan-European team works as one across multiple European countries. You will never hear Tyto colleagues say ‘the German team’ or ‘the UK team’ because although we execute locally and have local expertise we think and operate internationally, and we bring that bigger picture thinking to our clients.

PR Without Borders means breaking through silos of communication disciplines and approaches. Tyto is proud of its PR roots but when it is approached about a business challenge the team looks at them with open-minded. We devise the right communications approach for each situation without defaulting to one static playbook of communications methods. Tyto is able to do this because since day one it has focused on building an experienced multidisciplinary team that combines all the major communications skillsets.

Another aspect of PR Without Borders that excites me is that Tyto has been built on a location-agnostic working model which means that employees can work remotely from their preferred location. This has allowed the agency to recruit the best talent available from across Europe and build a unique international culture, without the constraints of a traditional office-based model.

The final reason for joining Tyto is quite a selfish one: it’s about room to grow, develop, learn and being able to help build and shape a new agency. Even though the team has already won three ‘New consultancy of the year’ awards, it is still early days (Tyto turns two in October) and I see so much opportunity to contribute and help deliver on the team’s mission to disrupt the agency landscape and bring something better and different to clients.

I am beyond excited to join and very, very curious about what we can achieve together. If you are interested in how Tyto might be able to help your company in Europe, please get in touch. If you’d simply like to hear more about our approach and concept we are also delighted to find time for coffee. Let’s see where this journey takes us!