Following Up S01E04: Thomas Seymat, Euronews

This is the fourth episode of our new podcast series, Following Up. In these conversations, we sit down with some of the leading journalists in the B2B technology industry and take a deep dive into their careers, unique ways of working and their attitudes towards the changing media landscape. We aim to uncover some of the biggest challenges journalists face in their day-to-day, their key priorities when it comes to delivering the most relevant news, ideas and features to their readers, best practices when pitching and how companies, PR professionals and journalists can work better together in partnership to achieve excellent media results. 

Our guest for this episode is Thomas Seymat, Editorial Project and Development Manager at European news network, Euronews. Thomas has been working in journalism for almost 20 years, and has participated in various roles within Euronews over the past twelve years. 

In this episode hosted by Tyto’s Sophie Banda and Pauline Delorme, Thomas talks us through the transformation that Euronews has experienced over the past few years, and how his role has changed as a result. We chat about his previous experience as Virtual Reality Editor and how the publication implemented VR into its coverage. Thomas shares his views on what the future of immersive journalism could look like, and why he believes it is both technology and human behaviour that is currently causing a barrier for its development. 

Thomas’ dream of becoming a journalist began when he started a newspaper with his peers at high school, later going on to write for his local paper in Lyon, Le Progrès. He even spent some time as a skateboard journalist, reviewing skateboard games! Having always been curious, he finds journalism the perfect way to learn new things and tell complete strangers what is going on in the world. 

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