Nirawadee Fecher

Senior Consultant

Nirawadee Fecher is a senior consultant at Tyto, based in the vibrant city of Frankfurt. In her role as a consultant, she supports clients to secure exciting media opportunities with thoughtful stories. Through her experience on both the corporate and agency side, Nirawadee learned the full range of communication to build a company’s reputation internally and externally.

With a master’s degree in communication management, she started her career in a communications agency where she developed strategies and created content for different channels, primarily for clients in the fintech, retail and technology sectors. Prior to joining Tyto, Nirawadee was part of the Communications Team at a Swedish Bank and among other responsibilities she managed the company’s social media presence and press relations in the German market.

Nirawadee is very curious about digital businesses and technologies. She loves trying out new tech gadgets and enjoys playing online as well as offline games.

During her free time, you can find her either practicing or teaching Yoga. Nirawadee’s colleagues love her for her analytical skills and her calm and considerate nature.

LinkedIn: Nirawadee Fecher