Nina Bressler


Nina is our Swedish PR-consultant who helps our clients to reach the Nordic audience through her in-depth expertise about the area and a strong knowledge about the media landscape. Born and bred in the south of Sweden, and residing in London for the past eight years, she is using her bilingual skills to make a true impact for her clients and to build strong relationships with media across borders.

Nina has worked with a range of brands in many different areas; from automotive, to technology, marketing, and the lifestyle market. She has helped new companies break into the Nordic market through clear campaigns, focused content and strong media relations that focuses on building sustainable relationships for long term collaborations. Before starting as a freelancer, she was working as an account manager for a global cyber security company and knows her way around the tech landscape.

Nina is a strong writer and equally strong collaborator, who loves being in the presence of inspiring individuals as well as inspiring others with a positive ‘anything is possible’ attitude. She’s a creative, a trait that not only shows in her interest in the arts and literature but also helps her find unique solutions based on the challenge at hand.

LinkedIn: Nina Bressler