Justus Meuzelaar


Justus Meuzelaar is a Consultant at Tyto. He has nearly 10 years experience working in marketing and communications in globally operating companies prior to focusing on PR and communications.  His broad knowledge and deep understanding of marketing and communications technologies and best practices enables him to deliver PR which supports the clients overall marketing objectives and strategy.

Never afraid to take a deep dive, Justus enjoys the challenge of translating complex and faceted subjects into meaningful storylines that connect with their audience. Thanks to his analytical skills, he is quick to understand the challenges of his clients, no matter how technical, niche or complex. Easy to work with and quick to earn the trust of people, Justus is seen as a dependable sparring partner on a broad range of subjects.

His love for learning doesn’t stop when he closes his laptop. In his spare time, he likes to inform himself on various topics such as politics, nature, sports and sustainability.

Justus is based in Gorinchem and likes to spend time outdoors, either on his bike, running or hiking. From time to time, he likes to work with his hands as well by tinkering with his bike or working in his garden. 

LinkedIn: Justus Meuzelaar