New Horizons 01 – Dee Caffari MBE

Welcome to the first in a series of virtual events and podcasts called New Horizons, designed to give us all a little relief and inspiration during these challenging times.

The first of these online events focused on ‘Motivation in Isolation’ with Dee Caffari MBE – the first woman to have sailed single-handed and non-stop around the world in both directions. Having spent periods of months isolated at sea, Dee is able to provide valuable lessons and insights when it comes to coping with solitude as we isolate from each other both personally and professionally during in the COVID-19 outbreak.

Listen back to the live online webinar in podcast form below or on your favourite podcast app.

Show Notes:

0:00 – 1:56 Brendon Craigie and Felicity Haslehurst introductions

1:57 – Dee Caffari MBE introduction

3:55 – In the first instance I feel like we should ask how are you’re coping with being land locked?

5:12 – Talk me through how it felt when you first touched land after 178 days at sea?

6:34 – As we come to terms with being stuck at home how can we avoid feeling physically isolated?

7:49 – What about being within a confined space, without being able to exercise?

9:04 – What do you love most about technology at this time, and is there anything tech related you don’t like or try to avoid?

10:40 – 10 years ago, we wouldn’t have the technology in order to work from home

12:04 – As a yachtswoman, you must need to adapt to changing situations and uncertain circumstances very quickly. How do you prepare for uncertainty?

13:50 – Before you set off, do you have an idea of what could go wrong and you prepare for those eventualities? How often are you surprised?

14:48 – What are the ‘what if’ scenarios for us?

16:00 – When you’re sailing, do you set yourself little projects to deal with, or do you not have time to do that?

17:21 – A lot of us like feedback, but at sea there is less of that. How do you manage that at sea?

18:50 – You mentioned structure. In times where things are different, routine and structure can be quite difficult. When sailing, was structure important?

21:05 – Finishing work early or late might not be good for your relationships

22:09 – Are you someone who takes time to reflect and pause? Sometimes we are in positions where we cannot have everything we want, which is often a good time to reflect. Do you do that?

23:40 – With children and partners around at home, it can be difficult to balance ‘me time’

24:12 – We live in a world with a thousand options. This scenario focuses what we need instead of what we want. Do you think it focusses on what’s valuable to us?

26:08 – There is an issue of control in this situation. Many of us feel out of control right now. How does sailing teach you to handle a scenario where no one knows what is going to happen?

28:28 – I guess it comes back to scenario planning, and you can’t plan for absolutely everything. Sometimes you have to let go?

29:35 – Mark Hendy audience question

Dee, it’s been a while since I read your autobiography but the one thing that really struck me was your emotional roller coaster. Would it be fair to say that you were sometimes further past your emotional comfort zone and what coping mechanisms did you use to get yourself back to a less emotional space?

32:00 – Elisa Carraro audience question

When or what precise event made you really aware you were writing history (and risking your life!)? How did you feel the motivation or the strength pulling you through?

35:10 – Nadine K audience question

How did you push through in moments of complete exhaustion and being fed up with being wet, tired and solitude?

37:09 – Alice Bollands audience question

When you are sailing around the world- as you say, you have goal points you can get to, the next ocean, the next horn to focus on these goals to stay motivated. In a situation like this, when we don’t know where the finish line is going to be, what advice would you give to maintain your resilience for an unknown period of time without facing burn-out?

38:20 – Simon Clarkson audience question

How important is having a clear vision of success for you Dee?

40:20 – Thomas Harrison-Lord audience question

Hi Dee. What was the biggest challenge on your around-the-world trip and how would you say over-coming that has helped in everyday life?

42:40 – Diane audience question

How do you deal with the imposter system, especially in a male dominate sailing world? I believe we all feel like this once in a while 😊

45:28 – Alli audience question

Have you had a long-term routine that you’ve had to move away from? I’ve had the same routine for about 3 and a half years and I’m finding it very difficult to live without it. How have you adapted to not being able to do certain aspects of your own routine?

46:43 – Michael audience question

Will you be participating in the 2023 Ocean Global Race?

47:00 – Event wrap up, thank you for listening and please join us for our next New Horizons live event on Thursday 9th April 2020.

Tyto has launched a new series of virtual events series called New Horizons, designed to give us some relief and inspiration during these challenging times. Even while we self-isolate and physically separate, we believe that there’s never been a greater need to come together as business leaders to share knowledge, ideas and experiences.