New Horizons 02 – Simon Clarkson

The second of Tyto’s online New Horizons events discusses how can we be authentically optimistic at this time of crisis.

Join us as we speak with a mental skills coach working with one of England’s top Premier League football teams, Simon Clarkson. Taking lessons from the pitch to the business world in times of uncertainty.

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Show Notes:

0:00 – 1:09 Brendon Craigie and Felicity Haslehurst introductions

1:10 – Simon Clarkson, Think Works, introduction

3:33 – What do we mean about authentic optimism?

7:53 – Thinking about the current situation, is it going to feel like you are a footballer losing three or four games on the bounce? How do you remain positive in times like this?

14:30 – From a performance perspective, what sort of different does being authentically optimistic have. Can you be 10, or 20 per cent more effective?

18:00 – Sometimes in business, we feel like the result is something to aim for. How can we maintain motivation in a time where there seems to be nothing to strive for?

22:35 – It makes me think about when football teams must play off for third and fourth places in a major tournament, is it a similar mentality?

25:22 – In terms of coping strategies, is there anything you would advise on in times like this?

28:00 – It’s interesting to think of the positives that can come out of this uncertain time

29:55 – Little simple things you can do to improve your mental state are…

30:40 – Be careful what news you watch in the evening

31:28 – On a personal level, it’s a good opportunity to pause and think how we will emerge as a business. On a societal level, we are now appreciating do work on the front-line that in the past we took for granted

33:13 – Moving on to a slightly different subject, currently it feels like things could be different day to day right now. How do elite sportspeople prepare for uncertainty?

38:00 – Going back to your dad watching news and it having a negative effect, is there also a danger of being too optimistic at this time?

41:24 – Charles audience question

I think that entrepreneurs should hope for the best and assume the worst. Is that a good attitude in terms of being authentically optimistic?

44:25 – Tom audience question

Have you watched ‘Sunderland Till I Die’ on Netflix? I ask because what would your advice be to a football team in a relegation battle? Would it be similar to that of a struggling business?

47:20 – Episode wrap up, thank you for listening. You can find Simon Clarkson by searching ‘Think Works’ online.

49:23 – End

Tyto has launched a new series of virtual events series called New Horizons, designed to give us some relief and inspiration during these challenging times. Even while we self-isolate and physically separate, we believe that there’s never been a greater need to come together as business leaders to share knowledge, ideas and experiences.