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Six ways business leaders can be inspired by Jurgen Klopp’s management of Liverpool Football Club

The football world was recently in shock when Jurgen Klopp announced his intention to step down as manager of Liverpool Football Club. The news comes after a nine-year reign during which he turned fans from “doubters into believers” reinvigorating a failing Liverpool team to become champions of England’s Premier League for the first time in […]

Why self-interest is hurting client service for pan-European clients and how Tyto is pushing back against this

Economists, like Adam Smith, believe that the pursuit of self-interest is a good thing. That the cumulative impact of everyone pursuing self-interest leads to the most efficient use of resources and the best outcome for society overall. It’s open to debate if the widespread pursuit of self-interest has worked on a societal level, but one […]

PRWithoutBorders™: Reach Further

One of our favourite expressions at Tyto is ‘creativity loves constraint’. It stands for the idea that creativity is often inspired by a necessity to work with constraints. Sometimes, the creativity that is needed is not an idea but it is about finding a creative way of executing your communications programme that allows you to […]

Inflation busting European PR

I was at a friend’s BBQ recently and I couldn’t help but notice the huge pile of groceries stacked up in his garage. When I asked if he was prepping, they explained they were buying in bulk to offset inflation. Knowing the almost infinite appetites of my teenage children I’m not sure this would work […]