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What’s the cost of a commute?

Today we’re launching the second edition of Tyto’s ‘Cost of a London Commute’ study. Remote working has risen to the forefront in 2020 as Governments worldwide have battled to try and control the spread of Coronavirus. As many businesses voluntarily opt to extend their remote working policies, it seems that working from home is set […]

Tyto launches New Horizons: A series of online events and podcasts for business leaders adjusting to the present and preparing for the future

The past week has been a whirlwind. With each update on the Coronavirus I could feel my anxiety rising. Would my family and friends be ok? What could I do to protect my employees and our company? What will this mean for the economy? Each news update brought another wave of questions and concerns. Knowing that people’s businesses […]

What makes an influencer? Behind the scenes at the #Tech500

Those of us in the integrated marketing and public relations sector often speak of ‘influencers’ as central to our industry, and to the business landscape as a whole. Undoubtedly, influencers are crucially important. After all, they shape the public’s thoughts around current events. They define how information narratives are presented and even influence the products […]

The influence of government – Top 10 influencers in UK Government #Tech500

Government is an area that, prior to now, had not been widely represented within the UK influencer landscape. Although government and the officials who make its policies obviously influence the daily workings of national business and individual lives, government officials themselves haven’t typically been seen as influential within the tech community. That is, the social […]

Was ist eigentlich ein Influencer? Hinter den Kulissen von #Tech500

Den Begriff „Influencer“ benutzen wir im Bereich des Marketings und der PR häufig, schließlich sprechen wir unglaublich gerne über Menschen der Öffentlichkeit, die wir als wichtig empfinden. Sie, die sogenannten Influencer, teilen mit uns ihre Meinung zu aktuellen Themen und Ereignissen und haben die Gabe, uns ein Stück weit zu beeinflussen. Sie steuern beispielsweise unser […]

Frauen mit Einfluss – Die Top 10 der deutschen #Tech500 Influencerinnen

Die Tyto Tech 500 Power List identifiziert die einflussreichsten Personen im Technologie-Bereich. In England schon zum dritten, in Deutschland zum ersten Mal. Eine der Kennzahlen, die wir uns dabei anschauen, ist die Anzahl der Frauen, die in diesem Ranking vertreten sind. Insgesamt befinden sich nur 89 Frauen auf der deutschen Tech 500 Power List – […]