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Tech 500 Power List 2019: Unser Deutschland-Launch

Wir haben heute unsere erste Tech 500 Power List für Deutschland veröffentlicht: Eine datengestützte Untersuchung, die die 500 einflussreichsten Deutschen im Technologie-Sektor kürt. In England haben wir die Studie schon zum dritten Mal durchgeführt, die Ergebnisse dazu gibt es hier. Um einen ersten Überblick der Ergebnisse des deutschen Tyto Tech 500 Liste zu schaffen, haben […]

Women of Influence – Top 10 UK women influencers, #Tech500

Each year, the Tyto Tech 500 Power List identifies the most influential individuals across the UK in business, media and government, and each year sees a number of leading women represented in its ranks. We are pleased to report, however, that 2019 reveals a banner year for female influencers, with women making up 40% of the Top 10 influencers in the UK.   Most notably, […]

GreenTech Brings New Energy to Tech 500 Power List

As we enter a new decade, it’s undeniable that a sea change around sustainability is afoot. Trends show us that consumers increasingly engage with sustainable brands, while activists such as Greta Thunberg and Extinction Rebellion make headlines. It’s clear that there’s a charge towards a new era, one in which business can no longer afford to […]

Why strong brands need marketing leaders not consensus builders

It’s a fact that original ideas come from individuals, not groupthink. A group can hone and improve an idea, but groups do not originate ideas. A company can provide an environment for original ideas to surface, but a company doesn’t have original ideas. Strong brands need original ideas like crops need sun and water. Being […]

The tech sector may be at war, but the peace can still be won

These are troubling times for the tech sector. The giants that once attracted only admiration are now forced into defensive mode and many players across the industry feel it is time for fundamental change. This year alone, Google has been fined $1.7bn by the EU for strangling competition in the advertising market; 2020 US democratic […]

What’s the cost of a London PR commute?

Today we’re launching Tyto’s inaugural ‘Cost of a London PR Commute’ study. We love London, but we don’t love commuting or the financial and time costs that come with it. And wow, are those costs staggering! PR professionals that have opted for a commuter’s life – be it for affordable housing, a better lifestyle or […]

What should I say?

This is a question we’ve all grappled with on countless occasions. Whether it is an internal announcement at a staff meeting, an interview with a journalist, or conveying a difficult conversation with a colleague. We have all asked ourselves, what should I say? If it is a particularly difficult or important communication, you might have […]

Not the hammer! Diversify your Comms toolbox

I’ve a confession to make. I’m useless at DIY. It doesn’t matter how small the job is, somehow I manage to make a mess of it. Even something which should be straightforward like hanging up pictures. Lift any picture off my walls at home and you will usually find a number of “practice holes” in […]

Being born right: how Tyto became New Agency of the Year

Last week Tyto was named PR Moment’s New Agency of the Year. Eighteen months since we launched, this is an important waypoint. Public relations and communications are crowded spaces to build a new business. It’s essential you stand out, but extremely difficult to achieve. I’m proud of everything we’ve done since we launched. The talent […]