Entrées par Francois Toussaint

Long Live Public Relations

Reclaiming Public Relations Today we launch Tyto, a European PR agency with a focus on technology, science and innovation. Here we share our thoughts on why we’re PR and proud. Brendon Craigie, former Hotwire Founder and CEO, and Ellen Raphael, former Director UK of Sense About Science, founders of Tyto. Public Relations is dead! Long […]

L’ancien fondateur et PDG de Hotwire, Brendon Craigie, lance l’agence européenne Tyto

Située à la confluence de la technologie, de la science et de l’innovation, Tyto souhaite aider les entreprises à relever les défis qu’elles rencontrent, grâce au pouvoir de la communication. Paris, 4 octobre 2017 – Tyto, une nouvelle agence de relations publiques située à la confluence de la technologie, de la science et de l’innovation, […]

Delivering PRWithoutBorders™

A conversation with Brendon Craigie and Ellen Raphael, founders of Tyto. What is Tyto? Ellen: Tyto is a new European PR agency, focused on the colliding worlds of technology, science and innovation. We are different in that we operate across both geographical borders, but also services borders, within the discipline of PR itself. Brendon: There’s […]

Why the future of PR is borderless

When British Prime Minister Theresa May said “If you believe you are a citizen of the world, you’re a citizen of nowhere” the explicit message was that you are either with us or against us. You are British or homeless. What does this mean for international PR and communications agencies that have risen to support […]