Top 10 influencers in Gaming #Tech500

The Tyto Tech 500 Power List went live at the end of 2018, and for the first time, we can reveal the 10 most influential people in UK Gaming, as we dive into the data sector-by-sector.

Whether you’re camp PC, console or fragging on the move with your mobile, the UK is the 5thlargest gaming market, with £5.11bn spent in 2018 and 37 million gamers. The UK games industry is worth nearly £3bn to the economy, employing over 47,000 people across the country. The finance and investment community has been paying close attention to the homegrown market recently, with several companies going public. Sheffield-based Sumo Digital (Sumo Group plc, Chinese Room is a subsidiary) led the charge in December of last year, before Codemasters and indie darling and Worms franchise creator Team17 floated in May 2018.

Which brings us back to this list of 10 people in the UK helping to drive and influence this space and the trends we are seeing in the shape and content of this list of influencers.

Dr Jo Twist, of UKie, who holds the second spot on the list was heavily involved in producing and promoting the report many of the stats above are taken from: “Screen Business: How tax incentives help power economic growth across the UK”. While top spot holder Jason Kingsley has been as individual and outspoken as ever in 2018; stating he has no interest in Rebellion going public, nor the ever-growing Games as a Service model.

Tyto Tech 500: Top 10 Influencers in Gaming

1 Jason Kingsley Rebellion
2 Dr Jo Twist OBE UKIE
3 Martin Wyatt Gfinity
4 Sean Murray Hello Games
5 Jeff Minter Llamasoft
6 Paul Chaloner Code Red Esports
7 Jupiter Hadley Indie Game Jams
8 Keith Stuart The Guardian
9 Ian Livingstone Sumo Group plc
10 Jessica Curry The Chinese Room