Top 10 influencers in Enterprise Tech #Tech500

The Tyto Tech 500 Power List went live at the end of 2018, and for the first time, we can reveal the 10 most influential people in UK Enterprise Tech, as we dive into the data sector by sector.

Enterprise AR is outpacing consumer AR, while according to Bain & Company, enterprises took up 60 percent of IoT early adopters in 2018, up from 40% in 2016. An overarching overarching trend for IoT in 2018 was that the number of smart devices has been growing steadily, with some of the biggest growth coming from medical IoT devices, which more the doubled year on year. AI adoption has been solid across enterprise, while cloud is now the “new normal”. Blockchain had been eyed cautiously by enterprise, but has begun to applied to solve problems from shippingto automotive, and this is clearly just the very beginning.

Which brings us back to this list of 10 people in the UK helping to drive and influence this space and what trends are we seeing in the shape and content of this list of influencers.

While certainly business driven, the list is not without its media influencers, in the form of journalist Chris Mellor of the Register and blogger and freelancer Madeline Bennett.

Tyto Tech 500: Top 10 Influencers in Enterprise Tech

1 Stephen Kelly Entrepreneur Investor
2 Niklas Zennstrom Atomico
3 Chris Mellor The Register
4 Julie Meyer Entrepreneur Country
5 Bruce Walker FutureX
6 Conrad Ford Funding Options Ltd.
7 Madeline Bennett Blogger/Freelance
8 James Mayes Mind the Product
9 Dave Chaffey Smart Insights
10 Russell Dalgleish Exolta Capital Partners