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Tyto Tech 500 2020 opens for submissions for UK, France and Germany

Now in its fourth year, the Tyto Tech 500 Power List is our way of helping you recognise the most influential people in tech. Published each year, for 2020 we are expanding our reach to further solidify its position as a benchmark for the most influential people in tech with some new additions.

The Tyto Tech 500 Power List is, as with previous years, the only objective data-driven influence study on the European tech sector. Everyone featured with the research must have social media, online and, uniquely, offline influence. The visibility of each individual is factored into our proprietary research, which is not reliant on single metrics or subjective opinion.

In 2019, we expanded outside of the UK and conducted research for Germany too. This continues in 2020, but with the addition of France for the first time.

Furthermore, from today, 27th July 2020, to ensure the most complete and up to date picture of influencers, we are inviting you to submit suggestions for individual influencers you think should be evaluated as part of our process. This will add an additional level of rigour to our proprietary research model, assisting us in being able to cover the European tech scene. To do so, simply fill in our very short and simple online form.

Submissions will only be open until the end of August 2020. This year’s final report will be launched in November. For now, you can view the 2019 Tyto Tech 500 Power List and pass on the submission form link to anyone you think is a suitable fit.