Yvon Reitsma

Senior Consultant

Yvon is a Senior Consultant at Tyto and is based in the Netherlands.

With over 15 years of PR expertise under her belt, Yvon has made her mark in the industry. She’s been a force in several boutique PR agencies across the Netherlands, where she’s driven awareness for a diverse range of lifestyle and tech brands, including notable names like Expedia and Mitel. During her time at It’s a Rep, a boutique agency in the Netherlands, Yvon managed press offices and crafted communication strategies for renowned brands like Workday, Beyond Meat, and various local clients.

Before joining It’s a Rep, Yvon served as a communication specialist at a prominent Dutch Agritech Company. In this role, she was instrumental in developing and executing content strategies and PR campaigns, crafting written content, orchestrating events, and offering strategic counsel.

During her time as a freelancer, Yvon kickstarted a thriving travel blog that unlocked opportunities to explore Europe’s finest and most enchanting destinations. This venture not only enriched her wanderlust but also provided her with invaluable insights into crafting captivating content and mastering the art of SEO copywriting.

Yvon’s colleagues love her for being the ultimate team player, her refreshingly down-to-earth attitude, and her unwavering commitment to ensuring her clients’ happiness. At her previous agency, she’s even won the prestigious ‘Lady Blue’ award, celebrating her status as the agency’s most impeccably organized team member.

During her downtime, Yvon is all about sports, whether it’s hitting the pavement for a run, tackling scenic hiking trails with some killer podcast or tunes in her ears, or taking up the exciting challenge of learning golf.

LinkedIn: Yvon Reitsma