Roja Hoheisel

Group Finance Director

Roja is the Group Finance Director at Tyto and lives and works from Munich, Germany. With over 15 years of finance experience, she brings a wealth of expertise to Tyto. Roja is a results-driven professional with strong financial expertise and strategic thinking. Her skills enable her to effectively manage resources and drive sustainable growth. By providing support to the CEO and CFO of Tyto, Roja ensures the company makes informed decisions while upholding the highest ethical standards, ultimately maximizing value for the organisation.  

Roja started her career at Enterprise Rent-A-Car where she gained expertise in managing financial operations, ensuring accuracy and compliance while handling complex accounting tasks. After a nine-month sabbatical in New Zealand, Roja joined the PPRO Group in 2010. There she honed her financial analysis abilities, conducting in-depth financial reviews, implementing cost-saving initiatives, and providing valuable insights to support strategic decision-making. Before she came to Tyto, Roja worked for 10 years as a Finance Director at Hotwire PR Germany. In this role, she held personnel responsibility, overseeing the finance and operations team, while further strengthening her skills in financial planning, budgeting, and forecasting. Roja also developed expertise in developing and implementing financial strategies to drive business growth and ensure long-term financial stability. 

In her free time, Roja loves traveling around the world continuously expanding her experiences. She loves to discover different cultures, meet new people and savour various cuisines. When she is not exploring new destinations, Roja enjoys spending time with her big family and friends.  

Roja’s colleagues value her for her caring nature and constant calmness. 

LinkedIn: Roja Hoheisel