Paula Landes


Paula Landes is a Tyto Tytician specialising in FinTech and big data communications. Paula is based in Frankfurt. She is a creative mastermind and has travelled and worked around the world. She is fluent in German, English and French and also speaks some Turkish, Hindi and Spanish.

Paula was one of Tyto’s founding collaborators. She has ten years of PR and Social Media experience, including five years at Hotwire Germany on B2B and B2C clients such as GoPro, Western Digital, Logitech, Oracle/Responsys. Most recently, on a freelance basis, Paula has been working for a range of organisations providing full-service PR, communications and social media support. She also holds seminars with Deutsche Gesellschaft für Information and Agentur für Arbeit. She is currently the Marketing Manager for the FBDC (Financial Big Data Cluster), a prestige project within the GAIA-X Initiative from the German ministry of Economic.

Paula enjoys volunteering with Rhein-Main’s Digital Media Women group. She has a degree in Cultural Studies from Konstanz and Delhi universities in Germany and India.