Nina Lorenz


Nina Lorenz is a Consultant at Tyto. She splits her time between the cities of Würzburg and Stuttgart, both located in southern Germany. As a Junior Consultant, she is primarily responsible for media relations, content creation, reporting and analytics. She has a strong understanding of the media landscape, analysis techniques and content creation.

In her previous role as Junior Analyst for Data & Analytics with BARC GmbH, Nina worked with clients in the analytics space. She wrote numerous studies, surveys, and custom research papers including the world’s largest business intelligence product review The BI & Analytics Survey.

Her interest in technology as a field emerged when studying for her masters at the University of Stuttgart and the University of Massachusetts Amherst, where she observed the creative potential of technology. She is especially interested in innovative applications of technology in areas less touched by technology.

When she is not tracking the news, Nina likes to unwind on long walks with her dog Sandy or through yoga sessions. She loves to consume stories in all possible forms and shapes, be it books, art, movies and podcasts.

Her colleagues appreciate her cheerful nature and her open, can-do attitude.

LinkedIn: Nina Lorenz
Twitter: @NosyNina