Lauren Armour


Lauren Armour is Director at Tyto. In this role, Lauren focuses on delivering creative integrated campaigns, from the initial messaging stages all the way to securing national and international media opportunities for her clients.

Lauren has experience across both B2C and B2B focus in a wide range of sectors, including: technology, travel, media, retail, health, food and consumer goods. As a result, Lauren bridges the gap between B2C and B2B to deliver impactful, integrated strategies.

Kickstarting her career in the consumer tech industry at a time when Silicon Roundabout was just making a name for itself, Lauren carved out an invaluable ‘little black book’ of media contacts that she keeps close to her today. During this time, Lauren worked with global brands including GoPro, ASUS, HomeAway, VoucherCodes and Travelex, in which she led national product/service launches, funding round and IPO announcements, reviews programs, whitepapers and crisis communications.

Lauren is passionate about the power technology has on everyday life. Whether it be communicating, purchasing or cooking, the advancements in technology are impacting both consumers and businesses in an unprecedented manner, and Lauren is eager to be a part of the discussion making technology attainable for everyone. She spends her spare time scanning the media and social channels in order to keep up to date with the latest industry trends and news.

Lauren’s colleagues love her for her attention to detail, industry knowledge and practical approach.

LinkedIn: Lauren Armour