Eve Gimenez


Eve, a seasoned external consultant, collaborates closely with Tyto PR’s content studio teams crafting an array of content in the French language.

With a background in journalism spanning five years, Eve initially made her mark in the world of written press and web reporting, delving into diverse subjects such as agri-food, culinary arts, healthcare and more.

In 2012, Eve’s passion for writing steered her towards the realm of communications. Her journey into the field of public relations began in London at Ketchum Pleon, where she first embraced the exciting world of PR. For five years, Eve thrived as a press officer in a prominent Parisian communications agency specialising in gastronomy. Her daily tasks included nurturing press relationships for a Michelin-starred chef and renowned food brands, a role she relished.

Eve has worked with major groups such as Dassault Systèmes, Viparis, Carmila, Ricoh, Ecovacs or CSM France, as well as various start-ups. She also helped to publicise certain cases defended by law firms and played a pivotal role in developing crisis communication strategies, notably for a prominent telecommunications provider and an international luxury hotel chain.

Eve loves tech because it’s a world where nothing is ever taken for granted. She recognises that former tech titans have faded into obscurity while others continue to thrive, constantly confronting fresh challenges, such as generative artificial intelligence.

Hailing from a French-Spanish heritage, Eve divides her time between Paris in France and Valencia in Spain. The people who work with her appreciate her exceptional writing skills as well as her positivity, her ability to listen, efficiency and swift responsiveness.

LinkedIn: Eve Gimenez