Top 10 influencers in HealthTech #Tech500

The Tyto Tech 500 Power List went live at the end of 2018, and for the first time, we can reveal the 10 most influential people in UK HealthTech, as we dive into the data sector-by-sector.

A combination of private and public investment and agenda setting, mass critical awareness, consumer willingness to adopt new tech, investor support and the Government’s public health agenda made 2018 a jumping off point for the next wave of health tech adoption and innovation. From a government perspective this has manifested as the NHS’ Five Year Forward View – offering a core focus on how digital tools can progress delivery of its services, while the NHS England run Clinical Entrepreneurs Programme is hand-picking entrepreneurs to design and deliver new tech solutions to help innovation within legacy practices.

Which brings us back to this list of 10 people in the UK helping to drive and influence this space and the trends we are seeing in the shape and content of this list of influencers.

Academic Bill Buchanan tops the list of influence, thanks in part to several cutting-edge studies looking at implementing blockchain within healthcare; the future of healthcare trust architecture and how connected consumer electronics and IoT can be used for simulations.

Tyto Tech 500: Top 10 Influencers in HealthTech

1 Bill Buchanan Napier University
2 Ali Parsa Babylon Health
3 Matteo Berlucchi your.MD
4 Juliet Bauer NHS England
5 Adam Pike SuperCarers
6 Mohammad Al-Ubaydli Patient Knows Best
7 Shafi Ahmed Medical Realities
8 Sarah Wilkinson NHS Digital
9 Jon Hoeksma Digital Health
10 Lee Dentith Now Healthcare Group