Brendon Craigie

Chief Executive Officer

Brendon Craigie is the Chief Executive Officer of Tyto. In this role Brendon leads the agency, and is heavily involved in providing clients with counsel on strategic and creative matters. As an experienced global CEO, Brendon also enjoys working closely other CEOs on broader business and communications strategies.

Prior to launching Tyto, Brendon was the global CEO of Hotwire. Brendon was part of the founding team at Hotwire and rose through the ranks to become CEO. During his six years as CEO he doubled the size of the company and repositioned it into a top 50 global challenger brand. Brendon’s achievements were recognized through multiple awards.

Brendon has worked across Europe, Asia and the US with a host of global names including Cisco, Microsoft, and Google. During his career Brendon has helped to devise strategies and support campaigns for high growth companies entering Europe to grow their brands and business. These campaigns often extended several years and included several early stage companies, such as GoPro and BlackBerry, that have become multi-billion dollar successes, while others achieved the exits they desired.

Brendon is passionate about the power of technology and science to transform people’s lives and experiences for the better. He loves working in public relations because of the democratic way it allows challenger brands with great stories to compete with established multinationals. He’s also passionate about working collaboratively with multinational and multi-disciplinary teams in order to break down the borders that traditionally exist between countries and marketing and communications departments. Right now, Brendon is most excited about the wave of collaboration and communications technologies that are making this possible. He also gets excited about all the technologies that help us to become more efficient and that enable people, businesses and governments to make the most of their resources.

Prior to working for Hotwire Brendon worked in another large global agency advising the mobile division of Microsoft. Before that he worked in corporate PR specializing in environmental communications issues.

Brendon’s colleagues love him for his clarity of vision and focus on the goal.

LinkedIn: Brendon Craigie
X: @brendoncraigie

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