Tyto Tech 500 UK 2019 Women in Tech

Women of Influence – Top 10 UK women influencers, #Tech500

Each year, the Tyto Tech 500 Power List identifies the most influential individuals across the UK in business, media and government, and each year sees a number of leading women represented in its ranks. We are pleased to report, however, that 2019 reveals a banner year for female influencers, with women making up 40% of the Top 10 influencers in the UK.  

Most notably, Emily Gosden, energy editor at The Sunday Times, leads the Power List with her well-earned spot at #1. This is the first time that to date that a female influencer has achieved the leading rank on the annual Power List.  

In fact, within the entire Tyto Tech 500 Power List, women made up more than a third (34%) of total influencers. That is an increase of 3% as compared to 2018, when women made up only 31% of the Tyto Tech 500 Power List.  

The women of influence making up this year’s Tyto Tech 500 Power List come from diverse sectors, including journalism, business, government, and academia.  

While this increase portends a positive trend on the rise, it nevertheless draws our attention to the fact that the influencer landscape still has a way to go in terms of achieving true gender balanceCertainly, this trend of women steadily on the rise is one we hope to see continue in future years as women continue to make their voices heard and break through the glass ceiling into the highest levels of business and influence.   

Tyto Tech 500: Top 10 UK Women Influencers  

  1. Emily Gosden – Energy editor, The Sunday Times; leads all influencers as #1 on the Power List
  2. Chi Onwurah – MP, Newcastle upon Tyne Central
  3. Fiona Briggs – Journalist, Retail Times
  4. Anne Boden, MBE – CEO, Starling Bank
  5. Mary Portas – Retail consultant and broadcaster
  6. Sarah Knapton – Journalist, The Daily Telegraph
  7. Ashley Armstrong – Journalist, The Times
  8. Dr Sue Black, OBE FCBS FRSA – AcademicDurham University
  9. Nicola Mendelsohn CBE – VP EMEA, Facebook
  10. Lilach Bullock – Digital marketing expert

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