Following Up S01E06: Eva Schram, Financieele Dagblad

This is the sixth episode of our Following Up podcast series. In these conversations, we sit down with some of the leading journalists in the B2B technology industry and take a deep dive into their careers, unique ways of working and their attitudes towards the changing media landscape. We aim to uncover some of the biggest challenges journalists face in their day-to-day, their key priorities when it comes to delivering the most relevant news, ideas and features to their readers, best practices when pitching and how companies, PR professionals and journalists can work better together in partnership to achieve excellent media results.

Our guest for today’s episode is Eva Schram, Editor Financial markets, the Financieele Dagblad (FD), the leading Dutch Financial newspaper. The FD has grown into a multimedia brand and reaches its audience using print, online and events published seven days a week. Before joining the FD, Eva was based in California, where she was Silicon Valley correspondent covering the tech sector from the very heart of it, for over seven years. Now, Eva is based in Amsterdam with a keen eye on the Dutch stock exchange.

In this episode hosted by Tyto’s Erik van de Nadort and Bastian Meger, Eva shares her own experience and opinion about how journalism differs between Europe and the US.

Eva talks us through her process for identifying which stories are most interesting to her audience, and why it is so important to find a fresh take on a big hitting news story, to provide readers with a different insight than other media outlets. Being a digital first publication means it is crucial to find that angle as quickly as possible to keep readers informed in real-time.

We asked Eva to share her criteria for what makes a great spokesperson, to which she told us “I want to talk to people who know a lot more about a topic than I do, who can tell me everything I would like to know.” She also highlights the importance of availability, being able to ask someone a series of questions over the phone or video chat to find out what she needs to know is much more valuable. Finally, Eva shares her frustration with jargon, and explains why she looks to interview individuals who can explain their views in a simplified, low-key manner. In Eva’s words, “as you would explain it to your neighbors or your parents. That’s the best way.”

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